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A sad lady

I lost my mum on Mother’s Day to coronavirus, a lady said.

A 33-year-old from Egypt whose mum was part of  Egypt’s first 10 coronavirus deaths.

The anonymous shared the sad on BBC monitoring and we couldn’t hide but also decided to share with or readers.

LIfe is …..says some people from Egypt.

The mother was a 69-year-old who first tested negative for coronavirus before repeating the test a couple of days later.

Read, I lost my mum on Mother’s Day as said by the lady below.

“I told my brother he was lying. He told me earlier that she was getting better,”.

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“We were hoping that she’d be back home in time for her birthday in April since she’d been admitted to hospital a few days before Mother’s Day. We were going to combine both celebrations.”

“The last time I spoke to her was on Tuesday… I was with my dad all the time as he had a coronary stenting procedure on Sunday.”

“Very few family members came. We were all wearing masks and gloves. My sister-in-law held my hand and whispered: ‘I want to hug you but I can’t’. My brother’s mother-in-law was devastated. But none of us could comfort the other.”

“My dad couldn’t say goodbye to mum as well. He attended the burial but he hadn’t seen her for a week”.

“When he left, I lost it. I kept wailing on the floor,”

These were some few words from the lady.

Coronavirus has affected more than 1 million people worldwide and death keeps moving in thousands.