I let karma do my work for me — Vivian Jill reacts after Adu Safowaah body-shamed her

Actress Vivian Jill has reacted to Adu Safowaah’s trolling after Tracey Boakye allegedly snatched and married her boyfriend, Frank Badu Ntiamoah.

According to Adu Safowaa, actress Tracey Boakye snatched her husband Frank Badu from Vivian Jill because she has refused to look s³xually appealing irrespective of her beautiful face.

The outspoken actress speaking in an interview stressed that Tracey would have not snatched Frank from Vivian if she had gone under the knife to look sexy.

She continued that Vivian Jill is now obese and doesn’t take care of her body anymore which has made her look like an old woman.

Adu Safowaa proceeded to advise Vivian Jill to go under the knife to look sexy and her age because her current bloated physique doesn’t match her age and status.

Well, Vivian Jill has spoken and according to her, she’ll always let Karma do her dirty jobs for her while she keeps her hands clean because she’s a woman of virtue.

In her mind, she’s not ready to talk about whatever went on between herself, Tracey Boakye, and Frank Badu but leaves her vindication to karma.

Many thought Vivian will choose violence and spill secrets that will leave Tracey Boakye’s marriage in shambles especially after Afia Schwar came out to laugh at her.