I joined illuminati at 23 and bought my 1st car after 2 months – Music Producer shares

I joined illuminati at 23 and bought my 1st car after 2 months ,Music Producer shares in an interview.

Magix Enga, a Kenyan music producer, has claimed that he joined Illuminati at 23 to gain fame and wealth and it worked perfectly.

In the said interview, the music producer disclosed that he was introduced to the Illuminati after meeting a lady who promised to make him successful and famous; indeed, the woman introduced him to some of the world’s top musicians, including American producer and DJ Khaled Mohamed Khaled, also known as DJ Khaled.

But there was a price for it, the only sacrifice he gave was his blood.

He was heard saying;

You know, in the past you either went to church or did something else to make money. So I saw ‘aish bro! When will I leave? Trouble on the street bro; I don’t have a car, I don’t have anything so I had to get in there.

The Illuminati is real, I did it when I was 23, 24 years old and now I am turning 30. I met a woman. She told me she could link me to the big musicians who went through it and became successful and the first musician that she linked me with through the phone was DJ Khaled.

I was just donating blood. I was being stabbed and they were donating blood. I offer myself as a sacrifice.

He ended by saying that he was no longer a member of the group and didn’t enjoy those goodies anymore.