Ghanaian Gospel singer, Ernest Opoku has cleared the air that he has no issues with colleague Brother Sammy.

According to Ernest Opoku, it was the Worshipper who always attacked him in his interviews but for him, he holds no grudges against him because their rationale in the ministry is to win souls for Christ but not to ‘beef’ each other to trend.

The two gospel musicians are not the best of friends after attacking each other on social media.

Ernest Opoku speaking with Kumasi-based Angel FM with Ike De Unpredictable said Brother Sammy should stop attacking him because it is childish and beefing him will not win a soul for Christ.

“Brother Sammy always wants to attack me in all his interview with the media while I hold no grudges against him. Attacking me (Ernest Opoku) will never win a soul for Christ but the word of God through music as Gospel musician.

He further went ahead to add that if secular musicians are beefing themselves to trend it must not be the same with people who have taken upon themselves to do the work of the lord.

He further indicated that if musicians who are into secular music are beefing themselves for trend, gospel singers should not involve themselves for the public to know the difference between Gospel Musicians and Secular Musicians.

Watch the video below;