“I have destroyed over hundred marriages” – Kumchacha

Ghanaian gospel preacher, Nicholas Osei well known as Prophet Kumchacha has said that he has collpased over hundred marriages in his church.

The renowned man of speaking in an interview on Accra-based Okay Fm said many women suffer abuse at the hands of men who threaten to kill them or pour acid on them, and when such stories come to him, he immediately dissolves such marriages to avoid tragedy.

“I have destroyed over a hundred marriages. One cannot be in a marriage where a man will pull out a gun and say every day that he will kill you, that I will kill you, and that he will take acid and threaten to pour it on you.

“Last year and two years ago, only on social media and television, when I checked, men who killed their wives and girlfriends were close to 120. A marriage where the man pulls out a gun every day, that’s not a marriage from God but from the devil,” he emphasised.

The pastor continued by advising husbands to return their wives to their families if they no longer love or care for them rather than planning their demise.

“If you don’t love the woman, she has a family, a father, and a mother. Go give the individual to their family.

“Because of a bad marriage, some people have developed different illnesses like dementia, bipolar disorder, and loss of memory,” he added.

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