I have been sleeping with my brother’s wife for the past 7yrs & we have a son together — Man shockingly reveals

A 30-year-old Ghanaian man identified as Yaw has confessed to sleeping with the wife of his brother for the past seven years.

The young man speaking in an interview monitored by Adepanews.com disclosed that he has falling in love with his brother’s wife and intending to snatch her even though she is still married to his brother. Yaw believes he deserves the woman more than his brother who has been his pillar in life.

According to him, his brother despite supporting him financially and taking care of him through school he doesn’t care snatching his wife from him.

“I’m a 30 year old guy and I have been having an affair with my brother’s wife for about five years now. They have been married for years and they have two children but one happens to be mine. My brother is a business man and he travels a lot, he’s wife is very beautiful and I’ve always been attracted to her. We started seeing each other and we even have a son together, my brother thinks my son is his.


“I haven’t been able to fall in love with another woman because I’m in love with my brother’s wife and I know she loves me too. She’s only with my brother for his money. For the past five years, I’ve managed to control my anger and jealousy but I’m tired now. I can’t stand to see the woman I love with my brother, I want my son and my woman to be with me and I’m planning on telling my brother about this”.

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