“I get paid to cry at funerals” — Maame Ode reveals she cries for a living

A Ghanaian woman identified as Maame Ode has disclosed that she cries for a living.

Speaking in an interview with Delay, she said wether or not she knew the deceased, she was hired to make sad event even more depressing with her scripted melancholy display.

Her candid admission to her unusual job caught Delay off guard and eventually forced her to smile after Maame Ode showed her how she goes about her business in the yet-to-air Delay Show on TV3 this Sunday.

Delay wrote to her fans about her next guest for this week’s episode of the Delay Show:

“You will wear a smile on Sunday at 5:30pm. We are back with an interesting and exciting twist on @thedelayshow Airs on Delay Tv and @tv3_ghana Maame Ode is here 😃💐🔥😄😄”