“I feel used” – Lady cheating with bestie’s boyfriend threatens to expose affair after getting dumped

An anonymous young lady has broken down emotionally after being dumped by the boyfriend of her best friend whom she was having amorous affair with.

The lady narrated how her affair with her bestie’s boyfriend led to the end of the relationship.

She went on to say that after her bestie’s relationship ended, she continued dating the young man until the news came that he was getting married to someone else.

Read the full narration below;

Nurse chioma, I know people will curse me. I deserve it but please try and see my pain too. He used me. My bestie accommodated me when I had accommodation problems in school.

There’s this her boyfriend who’s always coming around. He’s the one that got her the accommodation. At a point the man started having his eyes on me. One thing lead to another, we started having s$.x codedly.

Unknown to my bestie. My bestie started suspecting that her man is cheating but didn’t know who he was cheating with. I got a new sim entirely that I use in communicating with him.

My bestie went to visit him and saw my sms and she broke up with him. Still , she didn’t know it was with me. I started consoling her and started being nicer to d man. I will go to his house, cook, wash clothes and other wifey duties cos I don’t want him to miss my bestie.

We finished school, went for service and my bestie got married to another man she met during service. I was still dating her ex boyfriend. My bestie and I still talks but since she got married and traveled to us, she barely have my time.

I don’t mind cos I need privacy to focus on my relationship with her ex boyfriend. My bestie chatted me days ago to tell me that my boyfriend is getting married. He sent an invitation letter to her.

The same man that faked me last weekend. We spent the weekend together and I never suspected this. He didn’t even post on his Instagram. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it.

When I question him about his betrayal to me, he said he doesn’t owe me any explanation. After all he didn’t promise me marriage. The next thing, he blocked me.

I feel used nurse chi. After aborting 3pregnacies, he’s paying me back with this. I asked my bestie for the picture of d girl he’s getting married to and I want to tell her the kind of man her fiancé is. Please post anonymous.”

“I feel used” – Lady cheating with bestie’s boyfriend threatens to expose affair after getting dumped