I feel like k!lling myself – Man confesses to impregnating his brother’s wife

A young man whose identity has been concealed from the public has confessed to sleeping with his brother’s wife.

According to the anonymous man, he’s a final year student at a private university in Ghana and all his expenses are paid by his brother. Four months ago, his brother’s wife seduced him and they had s3x one night when his brother was away on a business trip.

The young man who is currently seeking advice on what to do revealed that both of them regretted it and agreed not to repeat it again. They also agreed to keep it a secret till they exit the world.

Unfortunately, his brother’s wife is fifteen(15) weeks pregnant with him and he’s sheer confused thinking of the consequences when his brother gets to know that he impregnated his wife. He feels like ending it all by m.urdering himself.

He wrote;

I’m a final year student in a private
university; all expenses paid for by my brother.
About four months ago, I fell prey to the seductive prowess of my elder brother’s wife. We both had sex one night when my brother was away on a business trip. At dawn, we were both remorseful and regretful. We agreed never to do it again. We also agreed never to mention it to anyone. It was meant to be a secret that will accompany us to our graves. But alas! This was never meant to be.
My brother’s wife is fifteen weeks pregnant. For me! Since she revealed this to me on phone, I have been having nightmares. I’m confused. She said she initially didnt want to tell me but had a change of mind because it had been giving her sleepless nights. I could only imagine a thing like this happening in the movies not to me. I feel like killing myself. h, what should I do? I don’t
intend to pay my brother back this way!’


I feel like k!lling myself - Man confesses to impregnating his brother's wife

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