I failed two papers in Law School – Despite’s son Kennedy Osei

Kennedy Osei, son of business mogul Dr. Osei Kwame Despite has recounted how he failed two papers while studying at the Ghana School of Law, Makola.

Speaking at his graduation party, the father of two disclosed that it is tough being in law school as he didn’t expect to have failed in Company Law, a course he thought he was familiar with because he sat on a Board and studied business at the University of Ghana.

Explaining further, he noted that he studied hard with the help of his friends and passed when he had to re-sit them.

“It was difficult. If you get into law school it’s challenging. Before you graduate you would have suffered so much for it. When I got in, I had gotten very close to Dennis and Dennis told me that ‘Ken, you in law school is news. In law school, when you fail it’s normal but when you fail, it’s not normal. When you fail, it’s news.

“So. I was like ‘ah, Dennis koraa what is this he has told me because it’s making me restless’. It will always be on my mind so we went through the first part, six papers and I failed two. When I had to resit those papers Mr Ken will have to call me at 6 am and ask me, ‘Hey Ken, where are you? Get up I am coming.’ He will come and sit with me and we will have to learn and madam (Tracy) and madam will be cooking for us,” he shared.

According to Kennedy, he had told his father there was a reason for him to have failed his papers because it wasn’t ordinary if he was heading a company and was familiar with the laws.

“Look when the results came, as if I was mad. I tore the papers into shreds. I was telling my dad a few days ago that those papers that I failed, there was reason for it. Because it’s not normal for me to fail Company Law when I sit on a board and deal with companies.

“I did business at the University of Ghana, and I have gone to do finance. It was normal. So I didn’t understand why I had to fail those papers so, I had to kill it once and for all,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kennedy in jest said he expects to be duly referred to as Esquire because it was not easy attaining that height.

“I am very happy you can call me a lawyer. If you make a mistake and you write my name and you don’t add Esquire to it, I will fight with you,” he said.