I eat human organs and sell the body parts- Popular Businessman confesses

I eat human organs and sell the body parts, Popular Businessman confesses

I eat human organs and sell the body parts, Popular Businessman confesses after being arrested by the police.

Last week, Aminu Baba was arrested for the murder of a 9-year-old kid in Gusau, where he later claimed to have three wives and 19 children.

Aminu Baba, a car dealer at Aminchi Motors in Gusau, Zamfara state in Nigeria, has revealed his heinous deeds.

Last week, the businessman admitted to consuming and selling body parts to unknown people after being arrested by the Nigerian police.

Aminu further said that he hired two guys who scout for young boys to kill for him, and they had done so twice for a total of N1 million.

According to the police commissioner, the other suspect, Abdulshakur Mohammad, confessed to being hired by Baba to get human parts for the third time.

Before he was detained, Abdulshakur said he received N500,000 after the first and second procedures.

According to him, he connived with Baba and Ahmad Tukur to deceive the victims, who were taken to an uncompleted building and removed their intestine, Esophagus, Private part and two Eyes after killing them.

He was heard saying that

“I paid them N500,000 for each of the killing of the two young boys. We removed penis, eyes, intestines and Esophagus and I used to eat these human organs and sell some to those who need them,” 

Meanwhile, NCA lawyer says if you don’t want your sims registered communicate through talking drums and other means.

This comes after a group calling itself the Concerned Mobile Network Subscribers urged like-minded Ghanaians to support the protest to cause the National Communication Authority to halt the SIM re-registration.

The group said: “Any attempt to impose this [SIM card re-registration] on subscribers or block their lines would amount to an infringement on their property rights.”

But in a series of social media posts, Dr. Poku Adusei, Director of Legal Services at the National Communication Authority (NCA) advised the group to use traditional methods of communication, such as the “gong gong” and talking drum, if their SIM cards were to be banned if they did not re-register by the March 31st deadline.

The post on Dr. Poku Adusei’s Facebook wall reads;

“When people speak as if they know all the laws of Ghana, I shudder! Claims that there is no law the requires SIM cards to be registered or reregistered is bogus, to say the least. What law was their original SIMs registered under? Or they bought pre-registered SIMs? Even pre-registered SIMs are registered in someone’s name. Re-re..means there existed a law for the initial re-. Too many luminaries and ‘agendapreneurs’ in this land. Concerned whoever should go and read L.I. 2006, L.I. 2111 and E.I. 63 and come again!!!

“We pray they resort to the use of fax, telegram, gong-gong, and talking drum henceforth. A privilege to subscribe to SIMs on your own becomes an absolute property right for which no checks could be imposed? Asinine,”