I don’t know Abiba, she’s not bad luck – Langabel makes quick U-turn

Popular national football team supporter, Joseph Langabel has retracted all the allegations he leveled against the hairstylist of Black Stars, Abiba.

After Black Stars early exit from the ongoing FIFA World Cup, Langabel was caught on camera blaming Abiba, a hairstylist who styles the hair of some Black Stars players, for the eventual collapse of the national team while outlining past incidents that demonstrate Abiba is responsible for all of the Black Stars’ woes.

In that video, Langabel said that Abiba requested the team management to fire her because every time she attends the team’s camp, they lose the upcoming game and sometimes even see occurrences from 2014.

Many people regarded the film as an attempt to harm the woman’s business and set her up for public outrage, which led to Langabell receiving criticism for it.

However, in this new development, Langabell has taken back all he said in the previous interview about Abiba. He said it was casual conversation since he was still in shock at Ghana’s humiliating loss.