I don’t have money to refund the ex-gratia paid to me — Mahama replies critics

Former President John Dramani has replied persons daring him to refund all the ex-gratia he took to back his promise that he will scrap it when he becomes president.

Mahama during the launch of his campaign to become the flagbearer of the NDC on Thursday and added that his government would also work to scrap ex-gratia benefits given to appointees under the other arms of government.

“The payment of ex-gratia to members of the executive under Article 71 will be scrapped. And the necessary constitutional steps to abolish that payment will start in earnest in 2025.

“We will also begin the process of persuading the other arms of government other than the executive to accept the removal of this ex-gratia payment,” he said.

Speaking at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Professional Forum Dinner and Awards Night in Accra on Sunday, March 5, Mr. Mahama said amidst laughter from his audience that “I say we will cancel ex gratia if you will also cancel it say it but why are you insulting me and saying I should refund mine? Will you cancel it or you won’t, tell the people of Ghana but they are saying I should bring mine first.

“I have spent the money already and now I am a pensioner, where am I going to get that money to pay back? I am unemployed but they say bring yours to show you have good faith, I have no source of income, and you say I shouldn’t work.

“They say the president should not hold the office of profits so you gave it to me, I spent it then you come and say I should refund it, where am I going to refund it from?.

“They don’t understand the gravity of the situation. I do think that for those of them who speak for NPP, don’t understand the gravity of the situation, but is good for our party.”

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