I don't Feel Comfortable Without Having S*X 4 Times Daily-Queen Haizel

I don’t Feel Comfortable Without Having S*X 4 Times Daily,Queen Haizel has said.

She disclosed that she can not stay a day without engaging in the sexual act which makes her feel good.

Speaking in an interview with Ike De Unpredictable on Angel Drive on Kumasi-based Angel, Queen Haizel confessed that “I’m addicted to s#x and I have to have s3x every day, less than four (4) times every day make me feel uncomfortable”.

She added that she engages in it at least four times day and she feels bad without doing it.

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She acknowledged the fact that not men can withstand doing it four times a day so she prays to get a strong man.

She added “I always pray to God to give me a man who is addicted to s3x and can make me feel good. I know majority of men cannot stand when it comes to too much s3x but I believe that God will listen to my prayers and give me a man I’m looking for”.

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She disclosed that “I don’t have any serious boyfriend but when I need s3x and my boyfriend is not around, I will just look for someone to have s3x with me just to feel good and comfortable”.

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“My love for s3x is real and I’m not faking. People think when I say I’m addicted to s3x, I’m saying it for hype but I love s3x”

Even though she’s not dating, for now, all she does is to go find a man to it with him.