“I do not need any man from social media,stop proposing to me”-TV personality, Tima Kumkum

I do not need any man from social media, stop proposing to me, TV personality, Tima Kumkum has revealed.

She had earlier mentioned in an interview on The Delay Show that she needed a man, her marriage with his ex-husband failed because that she was not in love with him even though he was a good person.

She also mentioned how lonely she was.

I am not happy, because I need a man in my life. Sometimes you need a man like when something happens at work and I feel like taking the phone and calling someone, but who will I call? I need a man, and not just any man but someone who would give me my peace of mind

"I do not need any man from social media,stop proposing to me"-TV personality, Tima Kumkum
Tima Kumkum

But in a recent interview on Adom TV, Tima said she had received a lot of proposals from men who were interested in having a relationship with her.

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My email is full, my inbox you know what? In as such I said I am looking for a man doesn’t mean I am desperately looking for a man and I won’t go to social media to say I am looking for a man, I can’t do that,” she said.

She also went on to say she never wanted any proposal from any guy on social media, she knew where to go if she really wanted a husband.

Have a look at the video below.