Former AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has opened up on the main reason why she divorced her ex-husband after three years of marriage.

According to her, she started seeing her husband as a brother after one year of marriage.

She further indicated that she developed a brotherly love for him and this prevented her from having s£x with him therefore she had to sit him down and made things known to him.

Joyce indicated that she had to compensate him by getting him a London visa and traveling with him to the United Kingdom when Tina Latifah Jones invited her. Upon her return to Ghana, she broke up with him while her husband, Benjamin continue to live in the UK.

In a lengthy social media post she wrote;

I didn’t have a perfect marriage with Benjamin but he wasn’t physically abusive.
I got married to him at 23 and divorced at the age of 26.
I divorced him for only one reason and the reason was because I didn’t have feelings for him. Just a year after our marriage i started seeing him as a brother.
I sat him down and told him the truth and I explained to him that was why it was difficult to have s*x with him.

When we met, he always told me it was his desire to travel to Europe but his visa application was always rejected.
So when Tina Latifah Jones invited me to UK, I used the opportunity to get Benjamin a visa.
I decided to compensate him by travelling with him to UK because in my heart, the marriage was over.
I returned to Ghana when he continued to live in UK and i broke up with him.
He begged me and asked me not to leave him but i didn’t agree.
My beautiful relationship with Tina got ruined because of Benjamin’s attitude in UK.

When my issue with the GAC broke, Ben saw the opportunity to destroy me in oder to scare men away from me with the HIV issues by granting JOY NEWS an interview.
He was in pain and was hurt because I was no longer interested in the marriage.
After he succeeded in destroying me with his interview, he then went ahead to have a secret wedding in UK.
Joy 99.7 FM Please go back for your unfinished interview with Benjamin. Go and interview him again and ask him if his new wife is also……….