I Cry When I Hear False News About Me – Emelia Brobbey

Many fake and misleading stories make it harder for people to believe the truth, causing emotional stress in many people in our society. 

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Famous Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey, on Silver Fm 98.3 in an interview hosted by DJ Nyansapo expressed that she has sleepless nights and also cries when she hears false news in the media about her. 

“ I become sleepless night. When I hear false news about me, I cry and have a sleepless night, becoming worried. Those that are close to me know I get worried. It takes me sometimes days for me to be okay but within that time I am suffering, I will be called on duty for I have signed a contract for acting.” 

She continues that, she will be crying on set as her makeup artist is getting her ready for a movie. 

Ending her conversation with DJ KA Nyansapo, she explains that she does not come out to disgrace those who offend her because she has the principle in life that, she might also be offending other people.

Below is the video: 


Source: adepanews.com