I ch0pped a married woman and her husband confronted me — Kofi Adomah confesses

Broadcast journalist, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani has revealed that he once chopped a married woman and her husband confronted him.

The Angel tv/fm morning show host confessed while highlighting on his past cheating lifestyle.

According to him, the woman traveled from abroad to Ghana to sleep with him.

He says he never knew she was married and never suspected her because every time they talk be it day time or night, she was alone.

Apparently she was married but never disclosed this to him till he chopped her.

The woman flew to Ghana for him to chop her till he got to know she was a married woman.

According to Kofi Adomah, one day he had a WhatsApp message from a man and that was when he got to know the woman was married.

He asked him whether he knows this woman and described his wife only for Kofi Adomah to feel guilt but the man himself said he can’t fault him for not knowing she was a marryed woman.

The man told him his wife who was struggling to get pregnant told him she was traveling to Ghana for medical assistance only to end up in the bed of Kofi Adomah.

Watch the video below;