I caught Kaninja in a married woman’s room – Xandy Kamel alleges

Actress Xandy Kamel has once again accused her ex-husband of cheating after their divorce.

Xandy earlier accused him of causing her three miscarriages during their marriage.

According to Xandy, Kaninja left home to be with a married woman for two straight weeks.

As claimed by Xandy, Kaninja left home after an argument as usual and she was expecting him to be back home in the evening but he never returned.

After some days, he contacted the police that Kaninja was missing and it was during the search for him that they discovered that he was enjoying himself with a married woman inside her matrimonial home.

In the course of the accusations, Xandy categorically stated that the police is her witness because they were the ones who conducted the search and found him with a married woman.

Surprisingly, Kaninja has not uttered a word despite all the heavy allegations Xandy Kamel has levelled against him after their divorce.

Maybe, he will address all the worrying issues and defaming in the future or at the appropriate time.