I can’t stop corruption in Ghana, not even God — Kissi Agyabeng

Ghana’s Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyabeng has said that it will be humanly impossible to stop corruption in Ghana.

Mr. Agyabeng who was nominated to occupy the office of the Special Prosecutor appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament yesterday July 22, for vetting.

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Speaking before the committee, he affirmed that he is going to make it “costly” for anyone to engage in corruption.

“I am not naive to assume that I’m coming to stop corruption in Ghana. God himself cannot acclaim to that but I will make it very costly to engage in,” the 43-year-old lawyer said.

Mr. Agyabeng was approved by Parliament after the vetting.

The 43-year-old legal practitioner and managing partner at Cromwell Gray LLP, has become the second person to occupy the office of Special Prosecutor since the Act establishing the Office of the Special Prosecutor (Act 959) came into force in 2017.