An anonymous lady has revealed that she is dating a man who seems to care about her but he eats snakes and dogs.

She became dumbfounded when the guy disclosed to her that he eats snakes and dogs because it is the chief meat of his tribe.

According to the confused lady, it is taboo in her tradition to eat these two animals and she’s afraid her boyfriend’s family will prepare food with the animals and give it to their children when they get married.

She’s also thinking about how to kiss a man who eats snakes and dogs.

“It is a taboo in my tradition to eat those two animals and I am afraid that when we marry, one day, his family will prepare food with these animals and give to my children. I am also thinking of how I can kiss a man who eats snakes. So terrible,” she said.

Read her story below;

I can't k!ss my boyfriend because he eats snakes — Lady laments