I can’t compete with Cheddar, he buys bag that cost $300,000 – Osebo admits

Ghanaian fashion model and businessman, Osebo the ‘Zaraman’ has finally replied persons calling him to compete against Cheddar whose fashion sense is also high just like him.

Not long ago, Osebo commenced a fashion beef with Prophet Ajagurajah and he (Osebo) was crowned the winner after the latter threw in the towel with a statement that he can’t compete against Osebo when it comes to fashion.

Subsequent to his outstanding victory, netizens started calling for another beef between him and Freedom Jacob Caesar also called Cheddar.

Well, Osebo has responded and asserted that he cannot compete with Cheddar because when it comes to fashion Cheddar is someone with a good fashion sense and the money to fund his luxurious and fashionable lifestyle.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix, he added that Cheddar has a bag that cost $300,000 and someone who can part away that much just for fashion must be respected.

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