I can’t be a gospel musician because I won’t stop fornicating – Singer discloses

Controversial singer, Queen Haizel has revealed the reason why she can never change her genre music from dancehall to gospel.

Speaking in an interview on eTV with Foster Romanus, the upcoming dancehall act revealed that she has chosen to do dancehall music and not any other music genre including gospel because with gospel there are many things she has to refrain from which cannot.

She added that being a gospel artiste she has to stop fornicating and other things and she can’t keep up with such life.

Foster asked her if she could lead a worship session to which she replied, “I could but I wouldn’t. It’s not that I don’t like God but I feel like when I do gospel, I’m not supposed to fornicate and do other minor things but if I do gospel, I’ll still be doing those things and it will be like I’m deceiving God and myself”.

She added that she has too much respect for God, therefore, she cannot put herself in a position where she has to practise what she preaches in her songs but rather does the opposite. She also mentioned the fact that she is not yet married as one of the reasons why she cannot be a gospel musician and quit fornication.

The musician again clarified that she will not solely identify as a dancehall artiste, but she will delve into other genres to satisfy the music needs or preferences of everyone.