I can never use Asantewaa for rituals – TikTok star’s manager cries

Cassious, the manager of Ghanaian social media influencer Asantewaa, has verified the previous rumors that the star’s spouse had interrupted their work in a hotel.

Asantewaa had mentioned in an interview with Kwaku Manu that her husband had once received a tip-off that she was with Cassious in a hotel, but upon arriving, he found her where she had informed him she would be.

In response, Cassious disclosed that Asantewaa’s husband arrived at the hotel that day with a preconceived notion that he had been brainwashed into believing. The informant who provided the tip-off also alleged that Cassious was involved in ritualistic practices.

Cassious confirmed that Asantewaa’s husband had arrived to investigate the cheating claims and to prevent his wife from becoming a victim of money rituals. The manager also expressed his frustration with the challenges he encountered while working with the popular Tik Toker.

He revealed that there were attempts to sabotage their partnership, with some individuals trying to alienate him from his colleagues and associates. Moreover, some of the artists he managed left because they felt that he was giving Asantewaa more attention. A video of the interview is available below.