“I better d!e in Ukraine than go home to suffer” — Ghanaian student in Ukraine says

A Ghanaian student studying in Ukraine has made a shocking statement as African students plead with government to evacuate them.

According to him, he prefers staying in Ukraine and dying in the midst of the conflict than returning to Ghana.

The young man explained that he left his country for Ukraine because of poverty.

“I will prefer to stay in Ukraine than to return to Ghana. Do not try to come for me, I prefer to die here than to return to Ghana to suffer.”

Cities under siege across Ukraine are home to tens of thousands of African students studying medicine, engineering and military affairs. Morocco, Nigeria and Egypt are among the top 10 countries with foreign students in Ukraine, together supplying over 16,000 students, according to the education ministry. Thousands of Indian students are also trying to flee.

Meanwhile, National Union of Ghana Students has called on the government of Ghana to take immediate steps to evacuate Ghanaian students who are stranded in Ukraine.