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I am sorry — ‘Fake’ housemaid for Delay apologizes after she reported her to the police

An anonymous lady who claimed to be a house help of Delay has finally rendered an apology to the media personality after she alleged that the radio show host has a daughter.

As more heat was being added to the beef between TV Presenter Delay and self-acclaimed Queen of Ghanaian comedy Afia Schwarzenegger, a yet-to-be-identified young lady on social media came out with a video claiming to have worked as a house help to Delay. The lady indicated how good Delay has been to her and said other good things about the presenter.

As if that was not enough, she made a revelation that Delay has a daughter but she is hiding her from the public. Social media users indeed welcomed it with a bit of skepticism. While others were of the view that it could be true since the Presenter in actual sense is a bit secretive with her personal life, others immediately doubted and regarded what the anonymous lady had said as blatant lies.

Delay changing upon the video reported the girl to the police.

“A video has been circulating of a young lady who claims to have been my house help in the past. I have never met her and your assistance will be appreciated if you can help locate her,” Delay said.

Well, the young lady who is a staunch fan of Delay has apologized to her.

According to her, she did that because of the love she has for Delay who happens to be her role model.

Sorry delay I never knew it will trend like this and I was in pain if I hear something bad about my role model pls sorry,” she said in social media post.


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