I am now the Holy Spirit and not Jesus- Mmebusem notify

Kumawood actor Mmebusem who rose to stardom with his ‘Ghana Jesus’ acts has announced that he is no more ‘Ghana Jesus’ but he is now the Holy Spirit.

In an interview with Okay FM, the actor unfailingly rectified the host of the show, Abeiku Santana not to address to him as Ghana Jesus.

He explains that the new name was not  rebranding but rather another side of spirituality of being the one and only Ghana Jesus

“You are still calling me Ghana Jesus. Gentleman be careful of your words. I am the ‘Holy Spirit’…This is not rebranding, it’s the same name but if you are not a deep thinker you won’t understand and will speak against it. I am the same person but in a different way this time.” Mmebusem said.

Responding to why he is conspicuously missing in action, Mmebusem admitted that he decided to go on hibernation for some time because of his works.

Video Below: