“I am nobody without you” — Lawyer tearfully tells his mom after getting called to bar

A video of Nigerian lawyer thanking his mother after getting called to the bar has warmed many hearts.

The video sees the man appreciating his mom in the sweetest possible way.

In the short emotional video , the young man identified as Harmonihie fell before his mother, shedding tears of joy and appreciation.

He held his mother’s legs as he wept profusely, thanking her for her support through the journey of becoming a lawyer.

He told his mother that he is nothing without her, and the video has melted many hearts on social media.

A short write-up accompanying the video also poured encomiums on the supportive woman.

The lawyer wrote: “My King maker, my queen. I will forever honour you mum, no matter how big or how famous I get. You are my source of life. I don’t care whoever is looking.”