I am marrying 20 women because I want my wives and children to fight at my funeral – Ajagurajah


Ghanaian prophet, Ajagurajah has opened up on the reason why he has intended to marry multiple women.

According to him, he wants his wives and children to fight each other when dies.

“When I am dead and gone, they will bring all my children, and then a fight will break out. I want people to fight at my funeral. If people don’t fight at my funeral, I won’t go. I can’t. The women will fight, and so will the children.

I will open one eye to watch the fight on my deathbed. People will now ask whose children they are,” he said.

He also added that no wife of his will get any inheritance from him if they fail to fight at his funeral.

“No one will give money at my funeral, and they will have to hold it on a Tuesday evening. I’m telling you that if I die and my family doesn’t fight, then I will not go. I want to see the women fight because you won’t get any property if you don’t.

“With that, I can say I have lived life; otherwise, I haven’t lived any life. No rich man in Ghana has a child; they are fake, they are hiding them. I will showcase mine to the world,” he shared.

In a video he shared on social media, the self-acclaimed man of God said he has opened applications for wives and interested women should patiently wait in line because the pressure is too much.

According to him, there is room for all the women, however, the fifth wife, the tenth wife, the fifteenth wife, and the twentieth wife are reserved so those interested in these positions should take their time.

“To all the women who love me, there’s room for you. As I have told you guys, the fifth wife, tenth wife, fifteenth wife, and twentieth wife are reserved. To all those who want the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth, please take your time.

“The pressure is getting intense, or else it will cause an oversight because the queue is long. Please queue properly and straighten it out for vetting. The vetting process is important to me,” he said.

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