With all the talks and rumors that Wendy Shay is now abusing drugs, the “Emergency” crooner has given a divine and heartwarming reply to critics in an Instagram video that is going viral.

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In the video sighted by Adepanews.com, Wendy revealed that all the claims made by some Ghanaians that she is depressed are false. According to her, she is in the prime of her life and that is because she is filled with the supreme power of God.

“I being the highest version of myself, you understand, so I love the state that am in. I am no way depressed……because there is so much greatness around me.” She said

She added, “I have found Jesus and he is filled me up……You might be stunned that me of all people, the one that you see like this, would be first to make it to heaven.”

Wendy Shay went on to ask her critics to stop judging her current appearance God’s ways are not straight and can’t be understood until he the ruler and maker of the universe is done with what he planned.

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Well, Wendy’s divine revelation is coherent with the explanation her biological mother gave yesterday when she too attempted to cool the hearts of individuals concerned about the psychological health of the Rufftown artist.

Watch her reply below:

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