“I am going back to take the Agradaa, there’s no power in Mama Pat” — Agradaa announces

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng popularly known as Mama Pat says she’s going back to her ‘Nana Agradaa’ ways from August 2, 2022.

According to the former dubious fetish priestess, she’s returning to her old lifestyle as she is being disrespected daily by Ghanaians after she changed her name to Evangelist Mama Pat.

Nana Agradaa stated that there is no power in her new name (Mama Pat) and from 2nd August, she will be referred to as Rev. Agradaa.

“From the 2nd August, the Agradaa is coming back because Ghanaians don’t respect Mama Pat. On the ordination day, I am going back to take the Agradaa. There is no power in Mama Pat”, she revealed.