Husband Stabbed To Death By A Lesbian Partner Of His Wife

A report posted by Aza women daughter of Zion relationship tv on social media informs that a man in Nigeria is stabbed to death. 

Reading the post, a man identified as Ikechukwu Omuma has been stabbed to death by the lesbian partner of his wife.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and text that says 'Wife'

 It detailed that, the man arrived home to witness his wife making love with her female lover which he kept silent about it. As the man was in silence, the wife’s lesbian partner reportedly stabbed him to death. 


Man stabbed to death by wife’s lesbian lover.
A man identified as Ikechukwu Onuma has been stabbed by his wife’s female lover in Onitsha. According to sources, the man came home to meet his wife and her female lover making out. In a bid to silence the man, the wife’s female lover reportedly stabbed him to death.
The man’s remains have already been deposited in a morgue”