Hundreds of Okada riders flooded Mahama’s house to assure him of their support

Hundreds of commercial motorcyclists well known in Ghana as ‘Okada’ flooded the house of former President and flagbearer of National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mahama to assure him of their support prior to the December polls.

The Okada riders visited the former President after he promised to legalize and regulate the okada business if he wins power in the upcoming general elections. According to the flagbearer of the NDC, okada business is a major means for the youth who are unemployed to get jobs.

Mr Mahama welcomed the okada riders and promised that his next government will regulate their activities. The riders who were present said it has come to their notice that the ruling government NPP are putting measures in place to legalize it just to win their votes after Mahama promised to legalize it should he wins power in December 7.


Prior to this, Mahama addressed party supporters in Kpando during one of his tours and reinforced why he wants to take this path. He said “Our law says okada is illegal, but it is a reality it has come to stay and you can’t stop it. So, I say when we come into office, we legalize it but we will regulate it.”

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