How Nana Agradaa allegedly scammed her church members

Information gathered has it that former dubious fetish priestess now Evangelist Nana Agradaa has allegedly duped her church members.

Videos that have gone viral had members of her church accusing her of duping them after promising to perform her infamous ‘sika gari’ money-doubling miracle.

Members captured in the videos trending on social media say that Agradaa claimed on her TV program that she would double any money they bring to her incoming monthly all-night prayers.

After taking their money, they say she refused to double the money nor give them back the initial amounts they paid to her.

Instead, she gave paltry sums of Ghc10 to those stranded in her church premises as their transportation fee.

According to the victims, Agradaa told them that since she would double whatever they brought, it was in their best interest to bring substantial amounts.

They claim some gave Nana Agradaa as much as ghc10,000. But they did not receive their money at the end of her all-night service.

And they were forced out of the church auditorium, which was locked up, leaving victims stranded on the streets.