Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was recently in the news after revealing his baby father refusing to attend the baby’s naming ceremony which was later found out the man in question is a leader of a church and also married living with his wife and children. 

On Tuesday August 4, 2020, Joyce used her social media platform, Facebook, to explain to her followers in writing that her child saved her from deportation. 

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In her write up, she stated she received a letter from German immigration and border service to return to Ghana or will be facing deportation, leaving her in devastation for she planned to relocate in Germany permanently.  

“Last year by this time, i received letters from the German authorities to go back to my country voluntarily or face deportation.

I became devastated because it was my decision to relocate to Germany.

Then boom i realized i was pregnant. The question I’m still asking doctors which i haven’t received answers yet is how the baby got there. I took emergency contraceptive pills called Ella one after having unprotected sex.

Meaning i wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.

I honestly didn’t want to have a baby because i wasn’t prepared for a baby stress. so i didn’t plan for it at all.

Interestingly, having Bella saves me from deportation . Dear friends if you don’t live in Germany, you won’t understand my Joy. I didn’t plan having a baby but i so much love her to the bone.

So how did God still manage to bless a sinner like me? It still baffles me.

Why did God still put Bella there in spit of taking the pill?

God please bless any woman who is still on her knees praying for the fruit of the womb. Amen.”

How Did A Baby Get Into My Stomach After A Letter Of Deportation ? - Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

How Did A Baby Get Into My Stomach After A Letter Of Deportation ? - Joyce Dzidzor Mensah