HOT AUDIO: Ayisha Modi and Diamond Appiah threaten each other over East Legon piece of land

Brand influencer, Ayisha Modi and Diamond Appiah have for the past few days been at each other’s throat over a piece of land.

Ayisha Modi in an Instagram live stated that Diamond took $40,000 from her to supply her with land in East Legon but after 2years, she has not laid her hands on the land she supposedly bought.


According to Ayisha Modi, Diamond Appiah makes money by duping real estate investors. She made this known in a series of posts on her Instagram page. Ayisha Modi called Diamond Appiah out tagging her as a fraudster.

In a rebuttal, Diamond Appiah has fired back at Ayisha Modi claiming that the socialite bought the property which is a piece of land located at East Legon on credit. Diamond in a series of posts on her Instagram story said Ayisha Modi was broke and could not pay.

Diamond has warned Ayisha Modi to desist from using her for clout chasing on social media because they are not mates.

The latest audios from the camp of the two have them threatening each other over the land. Ayisha claim she’s the owner of the land and constructors have even started working on it. She dared Diamond to step foot on the land if she claims the land is hers.

Watch the video below;