Hook-up girls can trick pastors; we equally have erections – Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha has disclosed that it only takes a self-disciplined man of God to withstand temptation from prostitutes, who are popularly known as “hook-up girls.”

In an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, the popular prophet hammered home the point that male preachers equally experience erections when led on or seduced by women or even a prostitute.

“A man will always remain a man; it is just left up to you to be disciplined. Prophet Kumchacha is human, same are you. I don’t have palm oil flowing through my veins, it is blood. It is not Akpeteshie or seawater, it is blood that flows through my system,” he said.

The founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries urged his colleagues to be filled with the holy spirit and flee from temptations from women.

“A pastor, minister, or whoever is human, but the key is to be self-disciplined. As a man on earth, you’ll have an erection, we all do. Our penis will experience an erection when we come in contact with a woman,” he added.