Hon. Alexander Akwasi Acquah Fires NDC For Misleading The Youth

Hon. Alexander Akwasi Acquah applauded the National Democratic Congress Youth for a successful demonstration as he quoted the president of Ghana empowering every citizen of Ghana to be citizens and not spectators. 

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Applauding the NDC youth for a successful  March for Justice demonstration which brought out party supporters from various areas of the country to the Greater Accra Region to seek justice. 

He addressed that, the NDC party embarked on a demonstration on issues that were to tackles by the  NDC government when they were in power. But it seems they ignored it and pushing the blame towards the New Patriotic Party ( NPP) to make the government unpopular in the face of citizens. 

Referencing that, when the NDC was in power, one of their DCE was guided by a police officer but was shot and died which was not investigated. Adding the death of Abuakwa North MP who was killed under the NDC government. 

Hon. Acqua touching on Kaaka’s case, he argues that not every case must the opposition party make it political. 

 Argues the opposition party, not to politicize cases for if one continues to do such, one loses the issue on grounds. In giving an example, he stated Kaaka’s death had nothing to do with politics. 

Concluding one should blame the NDC for giving false information to their youth for relating Kaaka’s death to politics and informing their youth that, Kaaka is speaking against the NPP  causing a political leader of the NPP  to kill him and also relating Kaaka to Fix the country which was wrong false information. 

Source: adepanews.com