Money bouquet is illegal – Bank of Ghana


Bank of Ghana has declared that the use of Cedi notes for money bouquet is illegal.

At a press briefing on Thursday, March 30, 2023, the Director of the Currency Department at the central bank, Dominic Owusu, caused the public against the misuse of the Ghana cedi which is shaped in the form of flowers and presented as gifts.   “In recent times, you see people using the currency for bouquets and then sometimes when they want to do presentations, they use the currency to do designs in baskets, hampers. “It is against the Bank of Ghana policy…desist from such acts, it is not in line with the policy so you must stop it. If you want to give a present, go and buy gifts. Don’t go and buy bouquets and do it,” he cautioned.

How can you tattoo your body and say eating pork is ev!l – Kumchacha slams Sonnie Badu


Gospel preacher, Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has reacted to remarks Sonnie Badu made concerning Christians consuming pork.

A few weeks ago, gospel singer cum pastor Sonnie Badu claimed that eating pork is demonic. According to Sonnie Badu, Rockhill Chapel founder, unclean food in a body gives witches and demons easy access. He revealed some foods the Bible calls unclean – pork, snails and seafood – and not praying before eating make it easy for demons to invade the body when one is asleep. Sonnie Badu added that when these Biblically unclean foods are found in a person, demons can easily access their bodies and use them to do hurtful things. “Once they discover that you ate something unclean. Your spirit automatically gets subdued. So once you got to bed, that’s when they came because you gave them the access,” Sonnie Badu said in a video he shared on his official Facebook page. His comments drew significant backlash from Ghana’s pork-loving Christians but Badu maintained his stance. In a new video, Prophet Kumchacha tackled the UK based singer cum preacher. According to him, Sonnie Badu has tattoos all over his body hence he has no standing to speak against pork. Kumchacha said the same Leviticus that bans pork bans tattoos yet Badu conveniently ignored that to only speak against pork.  

Ahuofe was po!sonɛd – Blogger alleges


Ghanaian Tiktoker, Ahuofe aka Ghana Tupac has been making waves on social media after his sudden demise.

His dɛath has left many social media users in shock as he reportedly went live on TikTok last night to interact with his fans and followers.   Ahoufe seemed to have been enjoying some of the good things of life thanks to his short-lived fame. Amidst his mourning, an award-winning Ghanaian blogger known as ‘Gentle The Blogger’ has wildly alleged that Ahoufe was poisoned. According to ‘Gentle The Blogger’, he got the information from his manager who is his best friend. It is still unclear who may have been behind the poisoning or the motive behind the act. But it’s suspected that the evil act was conducted by the people around him who are jealous of his success and the fame he acquired within a twinkling. Ahuofe was po!sonɛd – Blogger alleges

Alleged cause of Ahuofe’s sudden demise revealed


Ghanaian tiktoker, Ahuofe was reported dɛath on Thursday, March 30.

News of his passing was confirmed by his family members and friends who took to social media to express their condolences and mourn his loss. Fans also flooded social media platforms with tributes, sharing their fondest memories of Ahoufe 2pac’s humorous and entertaining videos that had made him an internet sensation. Ahoufe seemed to have been enjoying some of the good things of life thanks to his short-lived fame. According to reports, Ahofe diɛd after getting cardiac arrest. This report could be false hence we are digging deep for more evidence.

ECG releases 9 days nationwide ‘dumsor’ timetable


The Electricity of Ghana (ECG) has released over one week power outage timetable today, March 31, 2023.

The development has come about due to the maintenance work scheduled to be carried out by the Ghana National Gas Company on the Atuabo gas processing plant. Gas supply for power generation would be affected due to the exercise, as there would be a shortfall of approximately 150 megawatts of power generation.   This will reduce the total power supply for distribution by ECG until Friday, April 7, 2023. The doument shows that the operation will affect the Accra, Volta, Ashanti, Eastern, Central, Western and Tema regions of the ECG. Areas within the region are sub-divided into four blocs of A, B, C and D. They will all experience outages according to a schedule that starts 30th March through to 7th April 2023. All outages will be at night, between the hours of 6pm to 11 pm. Only areas in the A bloc will experience outages for three times within the period. The others will experience two rounds each per the schedule. Click here for the timetable

“What exactly are peeps celebrating Ahuofe for” – Bongo Ideas


Social media critic, Bongo Ideas has reacted to the demise of Ghanaian Tiktoker Ahuofe.

Reports went viral earlier today that Ahuofe has passed away after battling a short illness. News of his passing was confirmed by his family members and friends who took to social media to express their condolences and mourn his loss. Fans also flooded social media platforms with tributes, sharing their fondest memories of Ahoufe 2pac’s humorous and entertaining videos that had made him an internet sensation. However, not everyone was familiar with Ahoufe 2pac’s work. Ghanaian Twitter influencer and critic, Bongo Ideas, tweeted, “Who was he? What was his claim to fame? What lasting impact did he have? What exactly are peeps celebrating him for? I did not even know who he was until now. Just asking. I just want answers because my search only revealed scanty TikTok info about him; unfortunately, I wasn’t pointed to anything concrete and worthwhile.” In response to the tweet, several Twitter users highlighted Ahoufe 2pac’s impact on Ghanaian youth culture and the entertainment industry, describing him as a trailblazer who paved the way for young creatives to showcase their talents on social media platforms.

Video of a pastor predicting the de@th of Yul Edochie’s son


A video of a Nigerian man of God revealing a doom prophecy about the ‘Edochie family’ has popped up online after the demise of the first son of Yul Edochie.

The gospel preacher identified as Prophet Samuel had predicted the death of Yul’s son earlier this year. Though the prophet didn’t mention Yul Edochie’s son, he hinted at a member of the famous family being laid to rest. “Pray for Nollywood stars and family, especially Pete Edochie’s family. The arrow of mourning is nearby”. He reiterated, “Pray for the Nollywood stars especially The Pete Edochie family. The arrow of mourning is nearby”.

You are a cr!m!nal – Rev Obofour opens fire on Adom Kyei Duah


Rev Obofour has unleashed fresh attack on Prophet Adom Kyei Duah.

The two renowned gospel preachers have been throwing shots at each other for the past few months. The conflict started when Rev. Obofour made some cryptic comments about the leader of the Philadelphia-based Believers Prayer Center, also known as Second Chance Church or Philadelphia Temple. According to Reverend Obofour, only Adom Kyei Duah behaves like an oracle sent from God. Sobolo is a knockoff of Reverend Obofour’s ‘Yesu Mogya’ miraculous object, which Obofour claims he copied. Several times on his television station, the head of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) can be seen gently mocking Adom Kyei Duah. Adom Kyei Duah also responded to his attacks and revealed how Obofour once came to him and begged for huge loan and enjoyed his infamous ‘Sobolo’ drink. The latest video from the camp of Obofour has him hurling insults at Adom Kyei Duah. According to Rev.Obofour , his colleague man of God is very f00lish and uncivilized, anytime someone talks about him ,he reports the person to the police, because he doesn’t want anybody to talk about him but he always insults and talk about people in a proverbial manner. Speaking in a viral video, Rev Obofour revealed that pastor Adom kyei took Ghc450 from each of his church members with the promise of returning it with interest. “You said Ghana’s financial minister should come out and make an account to Ghanaians, you also need to make an account to your church members, “Instead of you to return their monies you are using it to finance a movie in the busy, “When you speak and I don’t reply you it’s because I classify you as a foolish man ,stop the criminal act and be genuine in your deals, “I revealed your true nature to Ghanaians and very soon your church will collapse . “I thought you were sensible because of your age but you lost my respect the day you lied about me ,your end will be very miserable,you think you’re investing in your church ,you have boys you have being having meetings on zoom call ,Man of God I’m not afraid of you,” he said.

Netizens mock Afia Schwar after sharing photo of herself and Akufo-Addo


Controversial social media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has taken to social media to share photo of herself and President Akufo-Addo.

The mother of twins dropped the photo she took with President Akufo-Addo some years ago to celebrate him on his 79th birthday. In sharing her wish, she announced that she has been part of Nana Addo’s success story. She posted: “I’ve always been part of this success story. Happy blessed birthday, Mr President.” The President we all are aware is a short man but little did we expect or thought of that he was taller than Afia Schwarzenegger since it could be seen clearly from the photo she shared. Social media users after seeing the picture couldn’t hold themselves as they lash out at her with one even describing her as a disposable cup. The netizen reacted to the picture by saying: “Even Nana addo is taller than her, sia ne ho tiatia s3 disposable cup ?” Netizens mock Afia Schwar after sharing photo of herself and Akufo-Addo
Read the reactions below: Able_god_of_muba: “That’s how most women are, ” I was part of ur success story” what did you contributed? ?” Nanakwamehazard: “Even Nana addo is teller than her, sia ne ho tiatia s3 disposable cup ?” Aakosua_goddess: “They don’t even know her. Anumdwa nkoaaa” Otemaamoah: “Shwar and entitlement,boi????????????” Boatemaagd: “Which success. I beg shift”

Your father never visited ‘antoa’ – Nana Akomea blasts Zenator Rawlings


The Chief Executive Officer of the Intercity State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea has admonished the Member of Parliament for Korle Klottey, Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings for a remark she made following the approval of six ministerial nominees in Parliament.

According to Nana Akomea, Zanetor needs to be cautious of her utterances and also let her deceased father rest rather than involve him in situations that according to him could lead to further complications. His comments come after Dr. Zanetor’s statement that her late father, Jerry John Rawlings, would probably have challenged all National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs to go and swear on Antoa (shrine) or dared them to take a lie-detector test after some of her colleagues on the Minority side joined the Majority in secret balloting which saw the approval of president Akufo Addo’s ministerial nominees. Nana Akomea asserted that the late president never went to the popular shrine “Antoa” for interpretations of issues during his over 20-year as president. Speaking in a panel discussion on Peace FM, on March 28, 2023, Nana Akomea scolded the Korle Klottey lawmaker: “I have heard from Zanetor that if it was her father, they would have gone to ‘Antoa’. Did her father ever go to Antoa for his over 20 years of ruling? “All that we said about him (Rawlings), did he ever go there (Antoa) … to swear about anything? So, what is his daughter telling us? If you will remember, during his father’s time as president, the females that were losing their lives and he couldn’t even manage the situation until president Kufour’s time. “Kufour provided the police CID detectives with the necessary logistics to solve the situation … after her father was done with his tenure in office…that was when he said he knew the killers and even went ahead to mention their names. “Later on, when the detectives went to him for evidence, he said they should go for chemical interrogation, did he say ‘Antoa’? So, Zanetor should stop what she is saying there before it triggers other issues, the father is dead and gone, and he should rest,” he said. Prior to the vetting of ministerial nominees by the Appointments Committee of Parliament, the NDC had issued a directive to its MPs to reject the nominees in demand for a reduction in the size of the current government. However, when the House conducted a secret ballot on the nominees, all six got overwhelming votes despite the equal numbers on both sides of the House. The outcome of the voting process has led to accusations of treachery being made against the minority MPs.