Hiba Abouk to drag Hakimi to court again for hiding properties in mother’s name

Spanish actress Hiba Abouk has filed a lawsuit against her Moroccan international footballer ex-husband, Ashraf Hakimi, accusing him of mismanaging their marital assets.

According to reports, Paris Saint-Germain player Hakimi registered all his possessions in the name of his mother, leaving Abbouk with no legal claim to his wealth. Hakimi’s mother defended the move, stating that she had been receiving her son’s wages in her account for several years and that he had not informed her about the divorce proceedings. She further added, “What’s the problem if these reports are true? If he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of that woman.”

Abouk, who was reportedly surprised to discover that Hakimi’s entire fortune was in his mother’s name, is seeking 10 million euros in the lawsuit, while Hakimi is only offering two million euros, according to Marca.

Marca also reported that Abbouk’s legal team is accusing Hakimi of fraud and mismanagement. In a previous interview, Abbouk emphasized that she had no interest in material possessions and left the couple’s home without taking anything.

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