Here is what Patapaa had to say after Ghanaians compared his ‘One Corner’ with Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveler’

Ghanaian singer, Justice Amoah widely known as Patapaa has urged people comparing his ‘One Corner’ song to Black Sherif’s ‘Kwaku The Traveler’ to halt.

According to Patapaa his One Corner song went more viral than Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveler.

One Corner was released somewhere in August 2017, by Patapaa. The whole nation was ‘intoxicated’ with the vibe “One Corner”. It was accompanied by its crazy dance that went viral across the shores of Ghana. Great personalities could not be left out of the “One Corner” tune and dance craze.

Black Sherif released Kweku The Traveller on 31st March 2022. Following its release, it has top charts in Apple Music Nigeria and broke a lot of records and set new ones. Many people have been jamming to this song.

After the release of ‘Kwaku The Traveler’, a lot of Ghanaians especially music lovers started comparing the song with that of Patapaa’s One Corner.

Many ranked Kwaku The Traveler ahead of One Corner for topping charts globally which is unprecedented in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Others also believe Patapaa’s One Corner was bigger and more popular.

Below is what Patapaa had to say about the two songs;