Here is the video that compelled Shugatiti to sue pastor for defamation

Ghanaian nudist, Shugatiti has taken legal action against a self-acclaimed man of God for defamation.

Shugatiti who is well known for sharing raunchy photos on social media shared the lawsuit she filed at the High Court of Justice, Tema against pastor Frank Gogo and two others on her Instagram handle. The socialite called on members of pastor Frank Gogo’s church to inform their leader that she has sued him.

The socialite sued pastor Frank Gogo over some comments he made about her during an interview.

The pastor during the interview uploaded onto YouTube intimated among others that Shugatiti was possessed by a marine spirit and that her restaurant business was a conduit through which she was possessing people, especially women.

“She is possessed by a marine spirit and all those who visit her restaurant will end up being possessed. She is a queen in the realms of the spirit. Anyone who has eaten in her restaurant and is a woman has been possessed.

“She has been sent by the devil to destroy. She can possess women who visit her restaurant merely by talking to you or having an encounter with you…all those who visit her restaurant should be very careful,” the pastor said in the interview.

Checkout the video below;

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