Heartbroken man narrates how pastor ch0p his wife in his presence

A Nigerian man identified as Oluwasina Adeshina has shared a sad story throwing light on how his own pastor slɛpt with his wife in his presence.

The heartbroken man appearing on Nigerian-based Agidigbo 88.7 fm claimed that the self-acclaimed man of God is the biological father of 4 out of 6 children he has with his wife.

According to him, the pastor started having romantic affairs with his wife when she reported him to the man of God over his poor fashion sense.

Below is his narration;

The case started when the pastor told me my wife reported that I don’t dress well. I accused them of extramarital affairs then and I was later told by the pastor that my wife will get pregnant and we must not abort the child.

The pastor told us to begin a vigil together and he comes around to sleep on my bed with my wife while I sleep on the floor. The first time he came, I told my wife to come with me but insisted she insisted on sleeping beside the pastor.

“I caught them moaning one day while they thought I was asleep, they were having a conversation and when I confronted the pastor, he accepted but told me to save his image due to his pastoral ministry.

“He later came to my shop telling me to ensure no other person hears about the case if I want to remain alive that he would come back for his children when they clock 15.
“My wife took my case to her family house accusing me of not taking care of the children.”