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Head Pastor faces traditional leaders’ judgment for raping his church member’s daughter. 

According to the report, the head pastor of Nyame w) Tumi ( God has power) church in the Bono Ahafo area in Ghana, faces the traditional council for raping a 14 years old girl and also filling a complaint against the girl leading to her arrest. 

With the given information, approximately 10:00 pm, the head pastor went to a church member’s house to inform them that he is having prayers within the neighborhood school and requested the parents of the 14-year-old girl allows him to take the girl with him. 

The parents agreed to allow the pastor to take the child with him. Upon arrival, the pastor left the girl at the school premises in which he returned at approximately 12:00 am.  He told the girl to have sex with him. The girl refused. 

The pastor raped the girl in which the girl reported the case to her mother. When the mother confronted the pastor, the pastor denies the allegation and also appeal to his church members to agree on fasting and prayers as the girl is defaming him.

Following up with the case, the pastor made a complaint against the girl and got her arrested. 

The case was later reported to the traditional council. The pastor pleaded guilty to raping the 14-year-old girl. 

He is then to pay 25 sheep and 1 box of Schnapp for traditional rituals as a form of pleading to the gods of the abomination caused. After the traditional cleansing, they will then hand him over to the police. 


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