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He was giving her ¢30 chop money – Maadwoa’s uncle drops relationship details

The uncle of Maadwoa, the young woman who was killed by her boyfriend last week, has come forward to refute the notion that his niece was a bad girl who extorted money from her lovers.

Maadwoa met her untimely demise exactly a week ago in Adum, Kumasi, where her boyfriend, a police officer affectionately known as Tycoon, shot her over relationship issues.

Following the incident, news circulated that the lady was double dating Tycoon and her baby daddy, who plays football in the USA. Rumors suggest that while extorting money from Tycoon, a married man with children, she was still in a long-distance relationship with her USA-based baby daddy.

However, Maadwoa’s uncle confirmed the existence of the USA-based baby daddy who used to stay in Bantoma when he was dating Maadwoa in Ghana. He clarified that the USA-based baby daddy, a footballer, got the chance to travel abroad about a year and a half ago, and there was no guarantee he would be marrying Maadwoa.

Maadwoa’s uncle further stated that although Maadwoa accepted to date Tycoon, she wasn’t extorting money from him as some people are insinuating. He explained that the only money she gets from him is a mere ¢30 or ¢50 chop money, and never did he give Maadwoa any substantial amount of money.

The tragic incident has left many in shock and grief, and Maadwoa’s uncle’s comments may shed some light on the actual circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event. The investigation into the case is ongoing, and authorities are working to bring justice to the victim and her family.


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