Harvard Kennedy School exposes Dr UN

Kwame Owusu Fordjour, chiefly known as Dr UN has been exposed by Harvard Kennedy School after lying to the general public that he attended the prestigious institution.

Dr. UN has been claiming that he graduated from the noble institution with PhD.

Not long ago, he reiterated in an interview with media personality Delay that he is a product of the school.

Dr UN’s cup is now full as Class FM’s Abdul Karim Ibrahim has reached out to the school via email to verify the claims of the pathological lair

According to the school, Dr UN is not an old student of their institution.

This clarification was made in the reply email set to Abdul Karim Ibrahim.

Sussan A. Hughes, who works at the Office of Communications and Public Affairs of Harvard Kennedy School, said they could not find any record of Dr UN having been admitted or graduating from the school.

She also directed the Ghanaian journalist to where the record can be double-checked.

Harvard Kennedy School exposes Dr UN