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As Ghana became the first country in Africa to receive COVID-19 vaccines through the UN-backed COVAX scheme, some of the political leaders of the opposition party, The National Democratic Congress ( NDC), are making misleading information about the vaccine. 

Outspoken Hanna Bissiw, of the opposition party in an interview, argues that, before the government gives out vaccination to a person, one should make sure the person is not infected with the illness of the vaccine. 

She argues the government of Ghana to be the first to be vaccinated along with the vice president of Ghana and his cabinet ministers as she quotes “ leadership by example”. 

Her argument is that the government only used the money to buy food for people and later reported there is a shortage of food instead of focusing on testing who is a carrier of the deadly virus. 

“ NDC people, our father John Dramani Mahama, if you try to get the vaccine, this one I will fight with you….” She states. 

Below is the audio: