Hakimi’s mother has spiritually married him – lady alleges

A Facebook user named Opare Bea has raised concerns about the actions of Moroccan football star Achraf Hakimi, suggesting that he may be under the influence of his mother Sadia Mouth due to a spiritual marriage.

Bea expressed disbelief that a wealthy and grown man like Hakimi would follow the instructions of his mother so closely, leading her to suspect that there may be a deeper spiritual connection between the two.

It is unclear what evidence or information Bea is basing her claims on, and neither Hakimi nor his representatives have responded to the comments.

Hakimi is a well-known footballer who has played for Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Inter Milan. He has also represented the Moroccan national team and is widely considered to be one of Africa’s top football talents.

While it is not uncommon for individuals to seek guidance from spiritual leaders or to have close relationships with family members, the suggestion of a spiritual marriage between Hakimi and his mother is highly unusual and has not been confirmed by any reliable sources.

The comments from Opare Bea have generated significant discussion on social media, with many expressing skepticism and calling for further information before drawing any conclusions about the situation.