G@y man stabs partner for having girlfriend [WATCH]

Two young men suspected to be g@ys have been arrested by the police in Kasoa.

They were arrested after one of them stabbed the other in the hand with a knife for having a girlfriend.

According to reports, the two young g@y partners worked at a restaurant in Kasoa. The boss of the restaurant called for their arrest after he spotted them fighting with knives at the workplace.

They confessed to the police that they are g@y partners during an investigation and they fought because one of them has gone for a girlfriend.

The young guys identified as Evans Amoah and Prince Nyator are 23 and 22 years respectively.

Reports also have it that the two met on Facebook and decided to settle at one place as Evans was in the Ashanti region and Prince was working in Kasoa. Evans was the female amongst them and Prince was the male. Prince then found a job for Evans at the restaurant where he was working. According to Evans, he got into the act of gays in Senior High School after his teacher sodomized him.

Watch the video below;