Groom slaps bride during church wedding

A viral video that has garnered a lot of reactions on social media captures moment a groom gave his bride a hefty slap during their wedding.

The irate groom slapped the bride after she refused to kiss him on the altar.

The crowd was disappointed to witness such a disgraceful moment because they were patiently waiting to cheer on the newlyweds after the kiss but sad to say events didn’t unfold as earlier planned.

Maybe the bride was forced to marry the groom because of his money or status in society because there’s no way such would have happened if they genuinely love each other.

Social media users who have come across the disturbing video have advised the lady to immediately seek divorce because the man is undoubtedly an abusive man who won’t spare the rod on her.

If he didn’t hesitate to beat her in front of the multitudes, there’s no way he won’t severely beat her behind closed doors if the lady provokes him.